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10.10 Special | Clay Mask

RM MYR134.10 RM MYR149.00

10.10 Shopping Day | 10-12 OCT 21


Boost blood circulation for a healthy glowing complexion with natural French Pink Clay. ‘Vacuum cleaner-like’ action clears out impurities and clogged pores for finer pores and smoother skin. Bonjour, radiant beautiful skin!


1 / Purifies pores, removes impurities with with a 'vacuum cleaner-like' action.
2 / Minimises the appearance of White & Black heads
3 / Shrinks enlarged pores
4 / Leaves skin fresh and clear
5 / Rids the skin of toxins, impurities and pollutants


Give your skin a brand new start with purifying French Green Clay that draws out toxins and impurities from your pores in a strong ‘vacuum cleaner-like’ action. Clear pores means finer pores and smoother skin. So, you can wave ‘adieu’ to acne, pimples and blackheads!


1 / Treat Acne
2 / Lighten Scars and Marks
3 / Refines Skin Texture
4 / Reduces Black and White Heads
5 / Deep Pores Cleansing

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