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10.10 Special | Hydrosol

RM MYR116.10 RM MYR129.00

10.10 Shopping Day | 10-12 OCT 21


Delay signs of aging with this honey scented skin tonic. Immortelle helps cell regeneration and collagen synthesis so that your skin can regain its firmness. This means less visible fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. You will be delighted to see dark circles and bags under your eye reduced when you use this as an eye compress.


1 / Rejuvenates ageing skin by promoting cell renewal
2 / Enhances the skin's natural repair process
3 / Smooths and reduces fine lines
4 / Evens up and brightens skin tone
5 / Prevent age spots, lines and wrinkles
6 / Reduce signs of fatigue and lightens under-eye dark circles


Heave a sigh of comfort with each application of Lavender Hydrosol. Probably one of the most calming scents you will encounter, this floral essence provides the same effects to soothe inflamed skin. With healing properties that penetrate deep into the skin to deter bacterial activity and promote acne recovery, you will soon face the world with a flawless complexion.


1 / Helps in balancing skin PH, penetrates deeply into the skin
2 / Reduces discomfort and promotes healing during breakouts
3 / Minimizes the spread of bacteria on the facial skin
4 / Promotes acne recovery, heals without leaving acne scars
5 / Calm down redness and irritation
6 / Hydrates and balances sebum production

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