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L'Hydrosol Immortelle Hydrosol

RM MYR129.00 RM MYR129.00

Multi PhytoEssence

Transform your skin with the goodness of single origin phyto-essences in its most natural form. Hydrosols penetrate deep into your skin to help you achieve the skin you desire, gently.

Immortelle Hydrosol

Delay signs of aging with this honey scented skin tonic. Immortelle helps cell regeneration and collagen synthesis so that your skin can regain its firmness. This means less visible fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. You will be delighted to see dark circles and bags under your eye reduced when you use this as an eye compress.


1 / Rejuvenates ageing skin by promoting cell renewal
2 / Enhances the skin's natural repair process
3 / Smooths and reduces fine lines
4 / Evens up and brightens skin tone
5 / Prevent age spots, lines and wrinkles
6 / Reduce signs of fatigue and lightens under-eye dark circles

Main Ingredients

100% Helichrysum Italicum Hydrosol*
*Ingredients from Organic Farming


How To Use

Spray Lavender Hydrosol directly on your skin or use cotton balls to apply to small areas of concern

Here's A Tips!

Store in refrigerator to prolong the shelf life! 


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