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10 Myths of Acne: Debunking the Common Misconceptions about Acne

Posted by Roy Cheong on

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people every year. It can be embarrassing and frustrating, which is why many people turn to the internet for information. Unfortunately, much of the information out...

12 Cosmetic Ingredients That Can Cause Acne

Posted by Roy Cheong on

It’s not surprising when you consider that most of us are more self-conscious about how we look than anything else.  We want to be beautiful, youthful and confident—whatever our age.  Whether it’s the latest eye...

Difference between Natural & Chemical Surfactant/Cleanser?

Posted by Roy Cheong on

Cleaning your face should be a part of your daily skin care routine. Cleansing your skin helps to eliminate excess oil, makeup, sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells. It revitalizes your skin and allows your complexion...

Top 9 Tips To Prevent Acne

Posted by Roy Cheong on

Do you feel you’ve tried just about everything to clear your acne but still see blemishes? Don’t despair. To see clearer skin, you just need to make some lifestyle changes. Wash your face Washing your face properly...

Do Skincare Products Cause Acne?

Posted by Roy Cheong on
It often happens that your friend recommends a skin cream that has worked wonders for her, but when you use it, you break out into acne. The reason is simple – skincare ingredients react differently to different skin types.