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Face Sculpting Workshop

RM MYR189.00 RM MYR389.00


The Gua Sha Fusion Facial Massage is a completely natural, facial massage that follows the same principles of the ancient Chinese facial acupuncture however, our method replaces the use of intradermal needles with Gua Sha tools, triggering essential meridians on the face and aims to promote the natural production of collagen and elastin which are responsible for skin structure and elasticity.

We achieve the following benefits:

- facial complexion renewal
- reduction of clogged pores
- tighten the chin
- enhances the ability of the skin to absorb cosmetic facial products
- aids in lymphatic drainage, release stress and tension in the face
- reduce lines

The techniques are incredibly powerful: as you will see in this workshop and even more so once you start incorporating these techniques into your skin care routine, they are extremely effective therapeutically and you will absolutely love how these techniques make you feel.


Day 1 - 60min :
The history of Gua Sha and what Gua Sha is. Facial Anatomy including the skin, muscles and lymphatic system. The role of the organs, Qi flow and meridians

Day 2 - 60min :
Targeted Gua Sha techniques and routines & Acupressure points. Contraindications, health and safety, cleaning your tools

Day 3 - 15min : 
Personal Consultation & Guidance (One-to-One Coaching Session)


-Gua Sha Tool (Suggest- Hope's Wooden Beauty Restorer)
-Facial Oil (Suggest- Hope's Elixir Jojoba Oil)


Ms AMANDA WONG - International Beauty Trainer | 15 Years Experience in Performing Professional Facial Training | Experienced Aromatherapy Trainer incorporated Face & Body Massage | Certified Beautician  


With Tools:
ONE (1) Pax - RM389
TWO (2) Pax - RM589

Without Tools:
ONE (1) Pax - RM289
TWO (2) Pax - RM489