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1. What makes Hope Remedies an ethical and sustainable brand?

First, we only source our ingredients, labels, packaging and jars from trusted European suppliers. The majority of our ingredients are certified Organic, Fair-trade or both. Our product are compliance with standards and plays a key role in harmonising GMP activities at European Union (EU) level

Second, we use recyclable packaging materials.

Third, we review our environmental impact policy and ethos annually to ensure that we are leaving as little impact on the planet as possible. We are ahead of the curve, as we make everything using traditional, artisan-stye methods. 

Fourth, we do not test on animals or use ingredients known to be unhealthy for humans or the planet.

2. Do you use preservatives in your natural and organic skin care products?

Our ingredients are pure and fresh, and we want to keep them that way. We do not use artificial or synthetic preservatives. Instead, we rely on the naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties of several plant extracts to boost the shelf life of our products. As a result, they do expire with time, as nature intends. To get the most our of our natural skin care products, keep your them cool, dry, out of direct sunlight, and always use clean hands (or a spoon) in the jar. Our products have a 24-month shelf life, however you should use them within 6 months of opening for best results.

3. Where do you get your natural ingredients from?

Hope Remedies is proud to bring you an natural skin care range that you can trust: no mysterious additives, nothing artificial, only the purest ingredients. We promise.

We take great care in selecting unadulterated ingredients that are ultra rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and minerals. We base our selections on several criteria: locality, purity and organic certification. As such, we only source our ingredients from trusted EU suppliers. 

4. Do you use any GMO ingredients?

We strongly oppose GMO agriculture.

5. Are your products vegan?

Absolutely, yes.

6. Are your products suitable for vegetarian?

Yes, we do not use any animal by-products in our formulas.

7. Do you test your product on animals?

No. We never have and never will. All our products will soon be leaping bunny approved.

8. Are your products chemical-free?

To say that our products are chemical-free would be misleading, as everything at it’s core is technically a chemical.

All of our skincare products are free from synthetic additives known to be harmful, including parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and colours. Our products are scented using extremely high quality, organic plant based natural product.